July 12, 2024

The E12 bulb is a small incandescent bulb, also known as a small screw bulb. It has 12 holes with different voltage and power. Due to its small size and various shapes, E12 bulbs are widely used in lighting and decorative fixtures. The following are common types of E12 bulbs:

Spherical E12 bulbs

Spherical E12 bulbs are one of the most common E12 bulbs. It is commonly used in lighting applications such as chandeliers, wall lights, table lamps, etc. The brightness and color temperature of spherical E12 bulbs also vary greatly, from warm white to cool white and different brightness.

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Candle-shaped E12 bulbs

Candle-shaped E12 bulbs are often used in decorative lighting fixtures, such as chandeliers and wall lights. The candle-shaped E12 bulb not only provides illumination, but its shape also enhances the decorative effect of the lamp. This type of E12 bulb is usually available in many colors such as white, warm white, yellow and red etc.

Small cylindrical E12 bulbs

Small cylindrical E12 bulbs are also a decorative bulb, usually used in chandeliers and wall lamps. Its shape is a small cylinder, and compared with the candle-shaped E12 bulb, it is shorter and less prone to being bumped and broken.

Reflector E12 Bulbs

Reflector E12 bulbs can provide very uniform lighting in a light fixture. It is often used in lighting applications that require high brightness, such as restaurants, shops and exhibition halls.

Bulb-shaped E12 bulb

Blister-shaped E12 bulb is a decorative bulb, usually used in decorative lamps. It’s in the shape of a small blister and is available in many different colors.

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Ballast E12 bulbs

Ballast E12 bulbs are usually used in lamps that require stable power, such as flowerpot lights, underground lights, and cabinet lights. Its ballast can ensure the stable brightness of the bulb and prolong the service life of the bulb.


An incandescent is a traditional E12 bulb type that produces light by heating a filament. The advantage of incandescent bulbs is that they are inexpensive and can reach maximum brightness for a short period of time. But they are usually used for a short period of time and use a lot of power, so they are not an energy-efficient option.

LED lights

LED lights are energy-saving E12 bulbs that use semiconductor chips to produce light, are more energy efficient than incandescent lights, and last longer. LED bulbs can also be adjusted in color temperature, from warm yellow to cool white, so they can be adapted to different uses and environments.

Compact Fluorescent Lamps

Compact fluorescent lamps are also energy-efficient E12 bulbs that use an electric current to excite phosphors to produce light. Compact fluorescent lamps are highly energy efficient and more durable than incandescent lamps, lasting several years. They stay cooler over extended periods of use, so they’re also a safer option.

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Metal halide lamp

Metal halide lamp is a common high-efficiency light bulb, which is composed of tungsten wire and halogen gas, and the tungsten wire is heated to emit light, halogen gas can not only reduce the melting temperature of tungsten wire, but also emit a blue-violet spectrum, which is more beautiful, but its life is shorter.

Projection lamp

The light of the projection lamp can be projected onto the wall or the ground, and the light emitted is soft, suitable for outdoor lighting.

Hollow-out lamp

The bulb adopts a special design with a beautiful appearance and emits soft light, which is suitable for indoor decoration.

Generally speaking, E12 light bulb is a very commonly used light bulb. It has various types, different wattages, and different sizes, which can meet the lighting needs of different occasions. You can choose the E12 bulb that best meets your needs according to the application occasion and requirements.